Meet the Editors: Olivia Wheatley

As we bring in the new 2022 fall academic semester, the Buzz also brings in 2 new editors, Olivia Wheatley and Ali Gue! As previous editors graduate, their legacy and writings will remain with us, allowing the new editors and students to have something to look back on. We are thankful for their hard work, and hopefully match it!

I am Olivia Wheatley, a current junior, and an English and Mass Communications major here at Shenandoah. I am a thrower on the Track & Field team and love to be outdoors. I love anything that has to do with reading, writing and expressing oneself! I am very excited to commit and challenge myself as a writer to the Buzz. I plan on flourishing this paper with the help of Ali! 

As a co-editor of the Buzz, I plan on incorporating more SU students in the paper, hoping to intrigue more writing and reading. Writing has always been a personal outlet used to destress and make me feel comfortable, and I wish more students would utilize this! Having your voice heard can be frightening, but allowing yourself to write is the most refreshing thing; more refreshing than any Mcdonald’s fountain drink. Ali and I aim to bring a positive outlook on this platform and new perspectives on multiple mediums. We look forward to hearing new voices and seeing new submissions!

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