Look Who I Ran Into: Part 3

By Demitri Matenopoulos

Welcome all, my name is Demitri Matenopoulos, a senior Media and Communication major here at Shenandoah University. I hope you’ll join me as I walk around campus this semester getting to know some familiar and not-so-familiar faces and sharing what I learn about my new friends in a weekly column in The Buzz I like to call Look Who I Ran Into. I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I have!

Look who I ran into at The Village today.

Meet my friend Samara Drummond. She is a freshman Acting major and Film Studies minor here at Shenandoah. She is from Middletown, Delaware. She loves doing set design and wants to work in behind-the-scenes film production when she gets older. Samara likes to spend her free time hanging out with her friends and exploring all there is to do off campus. She said her old report cards in elementary through middle school would say that she “talks too much,” but it turned into a good thing years later because that has helped her stay involved around the university. Her celebrity crush is a tattoo artist from the UK named Charly Edwards, and she hopes to get a tattoo designed by him one day. She says her biggest passion is to make people happy and smile. The best gift she’s ever received is the friendships she has forged here at SU. Something she shares with her relatives is that they are all very blunt and don’t like to beat around the bush. The things she enjoys most about going to Shenandoah University are the closeness of the community and how easy of a walk it is from place to place on campus. She looks forward to getting more involved with shows in the conservatory and joining more clubs for the rest of her time at SU.

Get out there and meet someone new every day. You never know what you’ll find out about people you think you know! 

What do you think?

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