Campus News

Higher Ground Worship Service Welcomes All

By Nicholas Verner

On Sept. 29 at 9 p.m., Chaplain Ian Urriola and Spiritual Life held a Higher Ground worship service at the Shenandoah University Goodson Chapel. This is the longest-running service to be held at Shenandoah University, running for 15 years. “It has been here longer than I have worked here,” joked Reverend DeLyn Celec, who was at the event.

This event serves many purposes. The first purpose is to help students explore their gifts, the gifts being a variety of skills like playing the piano or guitar or reflecting on the past week and learning how to improve in the future. But it is mostly an opportunity for students or those who are curious just to take a break from the stresses of life. “This event is an opportunity for Christian students to foster a deeper relationship with Christ and each other,” said Urriola. Even though it is a Christian-run event, “All are welcome to it,” he said. “It exists to serve the entire Shenandoah Community.”

The event consisted of eight to 10 students gathered in Goodson Chapel. Reverend Celec was in charge of music and reading that night. While there, students sang songs about Jesus and hope, and they then sat in a semi-circle and read out loud Psalm 91. The group then shared what they hope for in the future. After that, everyone gathered in the lobby for some snacks and to talk to each other about their jobs and classes. Many of the students could not wait for fall break to begin. Reverend Celec stated that “she loves bringing the students together.” 

Overall, Urriola says “The service was a success.” 

Reverend Celec added that “As long as people keep coming, we will keep holding it.”

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