Student Athlete of the Week: David Smith

By: Olivia Wheatley

Athletics play a major role in the Shenandoah campus and Winchester Community. The Shenandoah Wrestling team, a 3rd year program, is gearing up for the new season. David Smith, a junior, is excited to push himself this season and explore new opportunities with the team. So who is David Smith? 

David Smith is an elementary education major, with a concentration in english. David hopes to teach students back in his old school, St. Christopher, located in Richmond, VA. This is a preparatory all boys school for grades K-12, that emphasizes the importance of schooling and extra curriculars. 

Why did you start wrestling? Smith responds, “My middle school coach saw me in the hallway at school and told me I should wrestle , so I did.  I wrestle now because of the teammates and friendship, I love being part of a team”. Ever since then, Smith has been on the wrestling team every winter, working hard with his teammates. 

Smith’s favorite season is summer and loves the color pink. Smith is the current team captain and hopes to continue for the next 2 years while being at SU. Fortnite is something Smith loves to do in his free time, as well as hanging out with friends on the team and working with little kids. 

David would love for his team to push themselves to a new level this season, and to grow both as a team in numbers and strength wise. “This is the biggest team we have had so far” Smith says, hoping the size will take them all the way to championships, resulting in a lot of personal records. Smith is excited for the season and looks forward to winning. 

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