Film Review

Falling for Christmas Movie Review

By Olivia Wheatley

With the holidays being just around the corner and Christmas lights being strung up across the SU campus, Christmas cheer is finally here! The holiday season brings new Christmas movies to all streaming platforms. A new delivery to Netflix is Lindsay Lohan’s Christmas movie, Falling for Christmas. The movie is a classic Christmas romantic comedy with hints of charm, magic, and heartfelt messages. SPOILERS ALERT!!!!

Lindsay portrays a prestigious woman named Sierra Belmont whose father, Boe Belmont, owns multiple luxurious hotels all around the world. Lindsay’s character has never made her bed, washed her own hair, or even done her own makeup without someone helping. She refuses to do things on her own and always hires someone to help until she meets Mr. Jake Russell, North Star lodge owner.  Jake Russell is a kind, family-oriented person who just wants to celebrate the holidays in his Christmas-themed lodge.

After a skiing accident at her father’s resort, Lindsey ends up unconscious and confused about who she is and where she is. Jake is on a sled ride, witnessing Lindsay crash into a tree head-first. Jake takes her back to the lodge until someone can come to get her or until she feels better. Several days go by with no news of anyone coming to help her, so Lindsay starts to get comfortable helping around the lodge with making beds, cleaning, and helping Jake set up more decorations for Christmas. There are financial issues with the lodge closing due to higher business owners such as her father, who wants to buy the property and make it their own. Jake is embarrassed to admit that he needs help, so Lindsay swoops in with a holiday party, inviting all past guests who have ever stayed at the lodge, hoping they would donate money and remember all the good times this place has given them.

Through slight looks, charming conversations, and standing under the mistletoe, it is obvious that Jake and Sierra have chemistry. Their budding romance is broken up when Lindsay’s boyfriend and father swoop in to rescue her and take her back to her original life. It takes Lindsay a minute to remember them, but once she does, she is conflicted. Lindsay slowly remembers right before her crash that her boyfriend proposed to her, but a sudden snowstorm blew them on separate sides of the mountains, not allowing her to answer yes or no. 

She returns back home to her father but is missing Jake, the lodge, and everything that happened there. With no hesitation, Jake drives a sled back to Lindsay to confess his love for her, thankfully, she was doing the same thing. The two meet up and conceal their new romance with a kiss. 

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