Super Bowl 57 Commercials

By Olivia Wheatley

The Super Bowl is the most viewed television program every year, and with all the eyes on the screen comes new commercials for the world to see! The commercials that air during the Super Bowl are meant to be humorous, cute, and even marketing inspirations. Below are the top 5 best commercials shown during the 57th Super Bowl! 

1- Pop Corners ( https://youtu.be/ZMlemd6U24Y )

This commercial collaborated with Breaking Bad to make a humorous commercial about popcorn chips. PopCorners are a healthier alternative to chips, with less fat, fewer calories, and more flavor! The commercial really emphasizes the fact that they are healthier than other chips and drugs, referring to the characters within the show. Jessie tries to eat his own product but is denied the ability to buy Mr. White, bringing more connections to their script in the Breaking Bad series.  

2- Tubi  ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=73p4lL1iq7w

This commercial has spiked a whole new level of comedic hatred of Tubi and other streaming services. The commercial starts as if it is showing the Super Bowl when all of a sudden the screen goes black and leads to a streaming service called Tubi. The arrow points to a random movie, still not letting the viewers know it is a commercial. This commercial was comedic genius and threw the whole country into a stressful situation by thinking they hit the remote and changed the channel during the Super Bowl! 

3- Bud Light Hold ( https://youtu.be/azCNwGnxq0s

 The hit Top Gun: Maverick actor Miles Teller and his wife star in a new Bud Light commercial. This commercial is comedic gold for anyone who has related to staying on hold with customer service for quite some time.  During the duration of being on hold, laughter, quirky dance moves, and even a pug capture the screen. 

4- Booking.com ( https://youtu.be/GizRGO3PVD8

This 30-second commercial starring Melissa McCarthy is a vacation dream with easy booking and no children! McCarthy is singing as she books her dream vacation off of this website. She doesn’t care where she ends up as long as they have childcare! This commercial takes you through a whirlwind of fancy places, cool pools, and awesome views!  

5- Doritos with Jack Harlow ( https://youtu.be/BD6d5THLlUA )

This humorous 1:01-minute commercial encapsulates Jack Harlow’s newfound love for the triangle instrument. He is teaching classes on how to perfect this triangle sound, attends red carpets for the instrument, and even wins a global award. This new angle is to promote Doritos’ new BBQ flavor!

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