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Deadpool Breaks Movie Release Records

Tessa Climer, Social Media Manager

“Deadpool” broke the opening weekend record for an R rated movie bringing in $132.7 million according to Forbes. What separates Deadpool from other superheroes is the fact that he wants to entertain you more than save you, which made for a very hilarious cinematic experience.

“The Walking Dead” returns to AMC

Tyler Ganis, Staff Writer

One of television’s biggest shows, “The Walking Dead,” returned last Valentine’s Day, continuing its sixth season with an hour of nonstop action. The first half of the season left viewers speechless and on the edge of their seats, concerned for the safety of the beloved characters: no one is safe.

Shenandoah welcomes foreign exchange students

Sarah Beck, Staff Writer

Every year, Shenandoah University invites students from around the world to visit and become involved in classes for about two weeks at a time. This semester, the international students were welcomed in with snow days – a shock to those coming from colder countries. Despite this, Stina Arrhenius, a musical theatre student visiting from Sweden, has enjoyed her time in America.

Eric Whitacre Talks Composing, Conducting at Shenandoah Conservatory’s Performance Forum

Clay Dubberly, Editor-in-Chief

Whitacre discussed topics such as his career, and what it takes to be a performance musician. “These days, to make a career for it, it involves improvisation,” he said, adding that there’s no clear path to success in the world of music. Whitacre announced his interest in returning to Shenandoah: “What I’d love to do is come back and give a whole concert.”

“The Finest Hours” pits the U.S. Coast Guard against Deadly Storms

Nichole Davila-Sanchez, Staff Writer

On Jan. 29, “The Finest Hours,” directed by Craig Gillespie, swept theaters. “The Finest Hours” will have you on the edge of your seat, as you watch the struggle of the men fighting to survive and rescue each other. In an interview with CBS News, Officer-in-Charge and long time friend of the late Bernie Webber, Corbin Ross stated, “This is the greatest small-boat rescue the Coast Guard has seen, ever.”

Plot Twist: I’m actually 19

Rachel Levy, Staff Writer

I heard that people just look for sex on Tinder, so I set out to see if it is true. Short answer: it is. I gave into the new social trend of online dating to see what people do on these sites. No, I did not sign up for eHarmony or (who needs real, long lasting relationships anyway?) I chose the hit it and quit it site: Tinder.

Romeo & Juliet Review

By Sarah Beck  Modern-day productions of Shakespeare’s old work, especially in educational settings, are now adapted to appeal to an audience who will understand what’s going on. Shenandoah Conservatory went against the […]