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Pause The Music, The Future of De’Angelo’s Dance Party

By Noah Stitt Dance Party with De’Angelo has become a well know staple on our campus over the past year. The dynamic and lively fitness class led by the charismatic De’angelo Wynn has progressed a lot since first being offered. What was once believed to only have a couple people show up for it, now constantly has 70 plus participants

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4 Ways To Shake The Mid-Semester Angst on Campus

By Andrew Coffman Piles of homework and increased stress can be a recipe for depression. Mid-semester anxiety can be crippling, but you can prevent it from happening.   Shenandoah has multiple outlets to help you escape from stress; here are some of them:   Join an intramural team   Throughout the winter and spring seasons Shenandoah offers numerous club and

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Haunted House Review

By Jesse Ya Diul   This weekend, Shenandoah University was home to multiple festivities to celebrate Halloween, but the main attraction was the Haunted House at Parker Residence Hall which generated a lot of buzz throughout the week. Going into the Haunted House, I did not know what to expect. I was nervous. Not nervous of being scared, but more

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