Pause The Music, The Future of De’Angelo’s Dance Party

By Noah Stitt

Dance Party with De’Angelo has become a well know staple on our campus over the past year. The dynamic and lively fitness class led by the charismatic De’angelo Wynn has progressed a lot since first being offered. What was once believed to only have a couple people show up for it, now constantly has 70 plus participants per class.


Dance party is a great way to take a break, let loose and have fun while also burning a few calories. However, it will be seeing some changes moving forward. I was personally able to work on a video covering dance party in its early stages last year. Now I had the pleasure to catch up with De’angelo and discuss how it’s been watching the fitness class grow and what it’s going to look like as he graduates this May.

“There are lots of new and exciting things happening with dance party. The growth has been so great that we now offer 2 classes. Watching the fitness class grow… has truly been humbling. What I get out of dance party is the satisfaction of helping others achieve their fitness goals in a fun way. One principle that I try and live by is, “each one reach one, each one teach one,” and in a way leading dance party helps me reach out to others.”


With De’angelo crossing the stage later this Spring that may bring up the questions. Who’s taking over and what’s going to happen with the class? Wynn does not like to look at it that way, He believes that the hip hop fitness class is bigger than himself. “There is no after dance party. This is because the actual party isn’t just me. I’ve had the opportunity to train trainers who will ensure that dance party always has a home at Shenandoah. And although Wynn will be graduating in the near future, he plans to still be around as he transitions into the MBA program here at SU. Wynn is confident that the fitness class will continue on with immense success and be in good hands. “I still see a bright future for dance party with De’Angelo. I ain’t going nowhere.”


4 Ways To Shake The Mid-Semester Angst on Campus

By Andrew Coffman

Piles of homework and increased stress can be a recipe for depression. Mid-semester anxiety can be crippling, but you can prevent it from happening.


Shenandoah has multiple outlets to help you escape from stress; here are some of them:


  1. Join an intramural team


Throughout the winter and spring seasons Shenandoah offers numerous club and intramural sports that student and faculty members alike can join. The activities range for the entirety of the spring semester so it’s never too late to join.


  1. Visit the new AR and VR lab


One of the newest and most exciting attractions to the Shenandoah Campus is the Augmented and Virtual Reality Lab in the basement of the Health and Life Sciences Building. Helmed by the director of SCIL, JJ Ruscella, the lab is open and encourages student engagement.


  1. Spend time in the Student Center


Every day Brandt Student Center hosts activities for students to escape the ever-growing pile of schoolwork. The student center bolsters activities ranging from painting, massages, poetry, bingo, poker and much more. All you have to do is go online and check when activities are taking place.


  1. Check out the new E-sports lab


Sharing a space with the AR/VR lab, E-sports is one of the newest and most exciting attractions to SU’s campus. While the E sports team has priority during their practice times, the lab is open to all students. “The more students we have in there the better,” said Dr. Gawrysiak, the leader of the E sports lab and department.


If none of these activities can help you through the mid-semester blues, SU prides itself on its counselors located in Cooley Hall. All you have to do is schedule a meeting through the University’s website.







WATTS – Helping the Homeless

By Bethany Melvin

There are over 553,742 people in America experiencing homelessness. Of those 553,742, only a few are able to live in a shelters. However, others are not so lucky. Some of these people are victims of mental health issues, the opioid epidemic, and addiction. What happens to these people on cold winter nights, when they have nowhere else to turn but mangled tents or the frigid, hard streets we walk on daily? What happens to the mothers, the children, the men that live on the streets? Homelessness is not the diagnosis – the solution. The question we should be resolving is, what is the diagnosis, and what’s the cure?

Homelessness is not a new issue facing Americans today. Over 6,000 of those 553,742 people are in Virginia. In fact, the problem was so obvious that 10 years ago, an organization launched that would reshape homelessness right here in our backyard, Winchester Area Temporary Thermal Shelter, or WATTS.

Some concerned citizens in Winchester made an observation and asked the question, “Why do we have people freezing in the streets yet so many empty churches?” So in January of that year, eight churches in Winchester got together and for ten of the coldest weeks of the year, they opened their doors from 7 p.m. – 7 a.m. providing food and a place to sleep. image1-2

This first season experienced growing pains, as many guests did not trust this new program as it was new and unknown, some even refused to participate. This first season, guests consisted of mostly older men who were chronically homeless, but now consists of guests of all ages with vastly different stories and backgrounds. In fact, 30% of the current population of WATTS are women. While homelessness is a national issue, statistics gathered by the executive director of WATTS, shows that 85% of WATTS guests have Winchester and Frederick County zip codes. For more information about zip codes and other information relating to homelessness, visit Homeless Law.

Because of the brave guests who came and realized WATTS was not only safe, but real, WATTS has evolved so much from where they started to where the program is now. WATTS is now a 20 week non-profit, charitable organization 501(c)(3), occurring from November-March with 20 host locations. Churches make up many of the host locations, however, churches aren’t the only venues allowed to host. This low barrier shelter provides cots, linens, blankets, pillows, and volunteers at each shelter that provide medical personnel, a warm dinner, breakfast and a bagged lunch. image2

Karen Willis, a volunteer for WATTS of over three years, shares how she became involved and helped her church, Burnt Factory United Methodist Church (BFUMC), become one of the hosts. Karen was the lead volunteer for BFUMC for three years, and now serves on the operations committee for WATTS. Karen expressed her excitement of the good the program is doing stating, “We (operations committee) discuss ways to make WATTS better and the best we can be.”

Long time volunteer of WATTS, Marion Schottelkorb, became increasingly more active in the program as she helped in its first year, was her church’s lead volunteer for a period of time, and as one thing led to another she became the Executive Director of WATTS. Marion expressed the program’s need for a fixed location, so that the program can do what it’s best at doing, but expand those services and the ways they’re provided. This is something she sees happening in the near future, and knows it’s possible because of the success the program has brought the community. “What we do, we’re good at. It works. This is an organization that every week for 20 weeks replicates itself. What we do is remarkable, but I believe we can do more” said Schottelkorb

“I am amazed by the community, the kindness and generosity, the people in the community, and the number of people willing to do this. WATTS doesn’t exist without the volunteers, those people stepping forward and willing to get out of their comfort zones,” said Schottelkorb. As Schottelkorb lit up talking about the people that volunteer beside her, she mentioned how grateful her guests are. “The other things that I really love is the appreciation of the guests, and seeing them truly feel comfortable and accepted and proud of a community where they belong, and they know they belong,” said Marion.

WATTS has truly transformed the lives of many. Marion said, “Before I got involved with WATTS, the homeless were people who were out there, and just in my scope of thought. It was the realization when I started to work with WATTS, that that was me, I could be there at any time. These people have stories, they’re somebody’s babies.”

However, Marion isn’t the only person who has been touched by WATTS. Tom, a guest, says, “WATTS gives us a degree of hope and worth – hopelessness and uselessness are predominant feelings when you are in this situation – to see the human generosity and Christian charity among the WATTS volunteers gives a feeling of hope and worth. WATTS has kept me safe – it is really rough out in the woods and not always safe. WATTS is really a good program – I am nourished and kept warm and WATTS gives many of us a feeling of belonging when we are often treated as outcasts.”

Marion shared a memory of a couple whose lives were also impacted by the program. This couple found themselves homeless for the first time in their lives. They were able to stay in WATTS and utilize its resources. They got part time jobs, and at the end of the season, they got their own place. It was only a room, but it was theirs. They ended up opening their room to someone else who hadn’t gotten their own place yet.

A program made up of many organizations and volunteers, Shenandoah University is in fact a partner of WATTS. image1-3For seven years, student life ministries provides the Sunday night meal for each Sunday dinner at all of the locations. Also, in the beginning of November, Shenandoah University holds a fundraiser in which some of the proceeds goes to WATTS. One night is spent out in the quad, where students and staff sleep to raise awareness and money for efforts towards homelessness.


For more information about Shenandoah’s partnership with WATTS, visit

Photos courtesy of WATTS.

12 Things to Get The Woman in Your Life For Christmas

By Bethany Melvin

Need a last minute gift idea? Don’t know what to get the woman in your life for the holidays? Look no further! Here’s a list of 12 of the trendiest gift ideas your mother, girlfriend, best friend, and/or sister is sure to love.

  1. Favorite Fragrance. I suggest: Lancȏme La Vie Est Belle Eau De Parfum
  2. Gift Certificate for a Massage. I suggest: Saumaj Spa
  3. Gift Certificate for Mani/Pedi. I suggest: VIP Nail Salon
  4. Couples Cooking Class. I suggest: Nibblins
  5. Gift Certificate to Favorite Store. I love Simply Charming Boutique
  6. Lilly Pulitzer Blouse. Can be bought at Kimberly’s or
  7. Subscription Box
  8. Favorite Makeup or Giftcard to Store. I like Sephora or Ulta
  9. Tickets to Favorite Artist or Sporting Event. 
  10. Jewelry. This is perfect no matter your price range. Look anywhere from Kohl’s to Zales
  11. Couples Photography Package. In the Winchester area, I suggest Holly Nicole Photography
  12. Sweetheart Coupon Book. This is a sweet way to add a personal, handmade touch to your gifts. Check examples out on Pinterest! 

When is it appropriate to break out your UGGs?

By India Larry

As the cold season arises, UGGs are one of the best coziest, stylish, and comfortable footwear for women. But the question is, when is the appropriate time to wear them?

On Shenandoah’s campus, there were many viewpoints about when UGGs are suitable.

Several girls around campus had an opinion:

“At least when it is like 50 degrees (in Winchester)” – Lacie

“Girls are super pressed to wear their UGGs, as soon as October hits.” – Nesha

“It has been freezing in the early mornings, and therefore wearing UGGs are the best.” – Domonique

“I just can’t wait until it gets colder to wear my UGGs” – Sarah

“I think it needs to be really cold outside to wear them.” – Stasha

“My initial thought is when it is cold outside, but to put a time frame on it, November 1st.” – Regine

“When it is windy and cold wear UGGs.” – Kortney

“Wear UGGs when it is cold outside” –Kate

Now that you have heard from Shenandoah’s campus, we want to hear from you! When do you believe is the right time to wear your UGGs?

Eurozone GEL Trip: Part 2

By Benjamin Mangubat

After spending our first two days exploring Brussels we entered into France, with our first stop being Paris. We spent three full days in Paris where we visited many iconic sights like the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre. Day one consisted of a guided tour around the city for our first taste of Paris. We visited the famous Notre Dame Cathedral and enjoyed authentic French cuisine for dinner at a local restaurant. The following day in Paris, we took a bus tour with a city guide and ended with visit to the Louvre.









Like most of our afternoons, we were free to explore the city on our own, and my group decided to embrace our touristic side and visit the Eiffel Tower. We walked about 45 minutes from the Louvre to the Eiffel Tower passing through a beautiful park where we sat at an outdoor cafe and had a mid-afternoon snack. Once we arrived at the Eiffel Tower, we decided to go to the top of the tower. Two of the girls wanted to go to the very top. I am afraid of heights and the top of the tower was the last place that I wanted to visit. Lucky for me, the top was closed and the girls had to settle for the second floor. It was still a challenge to go up to the second floor, but I conquered my fear and went up to see the amazing sight that is Paris from above.


Heading back from the tower, we had to navigate through the Paris metro during the rail strike. The regular metro time table was altered and many trains were not running. After getting back to our hotel we changed and went to find some dinner. We walked a few blocks away from our hotel, passing many fancy restaurants and bars, until we found a small little eatery where we could get things like croque-monsieur or a regular burger.     


Our final day in Paris was our one and only free day on the Eurozone trip. The class wanted to see and do many different things, so we split up into our usual groups and were set free to explore. My group decided to start with the Paris catacombs, relying on Google Maps to lead the way, however it lead us to the wrong place. By the time we had discovered our mistake and were headed to the correct place, we got a message from some of the other students letting everyone know that the catacombs were closed due to the rail strike going on in the country. How does a rail strike affect the catacombs? To this day I still don’t know. Our plans changed and decided to go to Versailles. Upon our arrival we discovered the wait to enter the palace was hours long, so we decided to instead visit the gardens of Versailles as there was a shorter line to get in. We spent the rest of the day exploring the gardens of Versailles and the surrounding area.


We ended our day by getting dinner at the same restaurant we ate at the night before and packed up to move on to our next destination, Aix-en-Provence and the south of France.

Be on the lookout for Eurozone Trip: Part 3!


Haunted House Review

By Jesse Ya Diul


This weekend, Shenandoah University was home to multiple festivities to celebrate Halloween, but the main attraction was the Haunted House at Parker Residence Hall which generated a lot of buzz throughout the week.

Going into the Haunted House, I did not know what to expect. I was nervous. Not nervous of being scared, but more nervous that I was going to react poorly and involuntarily knock somebody out. As a precaution, I recruited three other friends to go with me.

I am not a fan of haunted houses, but even so I had to appreciate the way this one was set up. There were three rooms each with a different scenario that was read out by a tour guide. It was then up to you to walk in the room knowing full well that something was coming for you. You didn’t know when or where, but you just knew it was coming. The anticipation was unnerving.

In my opinion, the best room (and when I say best I mean the scariest) was the room featuring a toy clown that had come to life. Before even entering the room you could hear the clown hollering and laughing throughout the hallways. As we walked in, I noticed a small doll on the ground and I was fixated on it. I waited for it to get up and start walking towards me, but it didn’t. Instead, I heard something move behind me and turned around only to be face to face with a screaming clown.

There were two other rooms; one with a demented butcher, and one with abandoned children who were horribly disfigured. Both were done exceptionally well. In the room with the butcher, I felt like I was in the movie Saw. I wanted to help the “hostages” who were tied up but I had to remind myself that it was a safe environment.

Overall, the Haunted House at Parker exceeded my expectations. It was very well put together and the performances of the students/actors were absolutely outstanding. I tip my hat off to them. I was totally floored by their absolute commitment to their roles. Without them, the Haunted House would not be the success that it was . The only issue that I had was that it was too short. I wish there were more rooms because I felt it ended just as it was starting to get good.  Nonetheless, I would give it an 8.5/10. Would definitely recommend.


Orange You Glad You Can Wear This Color?

By: India Larry


Screen Shot 2018-10-18 at 2.12.11 PM.png


Bright colors aren’t just for summer. Be bold, feel beautiful, and put some orange into in the atmosphere.


Orange isn’t just a color, it represents the change of season. It’s a color that is stimulating, vibrant and flamboyant. The color orange is known for creating a sense of general wellness and emotional energy which is something we all need around midterms. Also adding a pop of color in your wardrobe is a great way to get through any seasonal depression.


You can rock a monochromatic orange look like I did or incorporate smaller orange pieces into an outfit. Regardless of how you chose to wear your orange, wear it with confidence!


I challenge you to rock orange as the season changes and while fall is in full effect!

Curious about any of the pieces I’m wearing in my outfit? Find them below.


Outfit Details

Sweater: Charlotte Russe – $20

Dress Pants: Ross – $10

Heel Sandals: Charlotte Rouse: $25


GEL Trip Series: Eurozone 2018

By Benjamin Mangubat

Eurozone 2018 was a fantastic and unique trip to take. We traveled around 750 miles across the European continent going from Belgium, to France, and Spain. This is the first part of the series covering this trip.

Continue reading “GEL Trip Series: Eurozone 2018”