Tag: Editorials

OP-ED: Give Us A (Spring) Break!

Sarah Beck, Staff Writer

Whether students want to rest up at native homes or go on a vacation with friends, they should be able to have the opportunity to spend their spring break the way they want to, so that they are recharged and ready to face the next half of the semester.

Op-Ed: The Gaydar

Alton Thompson, Contributing Writer

Social media like Grindr, Scruff, and Tinder are real life gay detectors. It’s good to know we aren’t alone in our community, but let’s talk about what’s really wrong with gay social media.

Op-Ed: A Political Update and Futurecast

By Michelle Adams and Nick Melillo

With election time approaching, it’s important to remember that each and every vote that makes it to ballot counts towards one candidate’s policies, which directly impact the future of our country. Especially as college students and young citizens, it is important for us to stay informed and active in the country’s political endeavors, in order to have our voice – the voice of the future – heard by our representatives.