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Determining your own personal image

Aysha Malik, ‘Doah Staff Writer November 6, 2013  Hello, Hornets! I decided to shake things up with my column and starting something new because, let’s be honest, who doesn’t like change? I do love fashion, but another one of my passions in life is anything related to personal image and branding. However, I do understand that not everyone even knows

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Finding the perfect costume

Aysha Malik, ‘Doah Staff Writer October 23, 2013 Happy Halloween, Hornets! It can be intimidating to celebrate your first Halloween in college — we’ve all seen the movies — and it can be really nerve-racking deciding what to wear, especially when you’re on a budget! However, Halloween is supposed to be fun, and if you think a little out of

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Jazz up your fall basics

Aysha Malik, ‘Doah Staff Writer October 2, 2013 Hello, fashionistas! I don’t know about you, but I am so excited that Fall is finally here. It’s my favorite season: the weather, anything pumpkin flavored and the fashion. However, I feel people often bundle up so much in the colder months because they don’t think they can look fierce without freezing

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