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Plot Twist: I’m actually 19

Rachel Levy, Staff Writer

I heard that people just look for sex on Tinder, so I set out to see if it is true. Short answer: it is. I gave into the new social trend of online dating to see what people do on these sites. No, I did not sign up for eHarmony or Match.com (who needs real, long lasting relationships anyway?) I chose the hit it and quit it site: Tinder.

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Lady Gaga prepares to release new album

Renee Sogueco, ‘Doah Staff Writer September 4, 2013 To every listener, music is subjective. Depending on one’s preference, different styles peak interests. There’s no right or wrong; there are different opinions. Lady Gaga has been the subject of mixed reviews and reactions. Her new album, “Artpop,” releases on Nov. 11, 2013. The album’s promotion has been relatively low-key in comparison

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‘Orange is the New Black’ is breaking boundaries and changing television

Hilary Legge, ‘Doah Managing Editor September 4, 2013 There has been a shift in the way people watch TV over the last few years. It has become increasingly popular to “binge watch” television series, and with the rise of internet streaming services such as Hulu and Netflix, it has also become incredibly easy to do so. It’s no surprise really,

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