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Let’s Talk About Sex…ual Harassment and Misconduct

BY: Monica Baranko with support from Jacob Morgan and Marvin Mercado As disturbing as it is, sexual harassment and misconduct happens somewhere to someone everyday. It even can (and does) happen on our campus. April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month and this year’s theme is “Embrace Your Voice!” Talking about this subject is crucial to jumpstart change. No one should feel as

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Sexual misconduct continues both on and off campus

Ashley Wisniewski, ‘Doah Contributing Writer October 1, 2014 In early September, news broke that celebrities such as “The Hunger Games” star Jennifer Lawrence were part of a targeted theft of personal, intimate photographs. The photographs – as far as we know – were taken with each person’s consent and shared between consensual parties. Unfortunately, online hackers were able to retrieve

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