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Shenandoah welcomes foreign exchange students

Sarah Beck, Staff Writer

Every year, Shenandoah University invites students from around the world to visit and become involved in classes for about two weeks at a time. This semester, the international students were welcomed in with snow days – a shock to those coming from colder countries. Despite this, Stina Arrhenius, a musical theatre student visiting from Sweden, has enjoyed her time in America.

Eric Whitacre Talks Composing, Conducting at Shenandoah Conservatory’s Performance Forum

Clay Dubberly, Editor-in-Chief

Whitacre discussed topics such as his career, and what it takes to be a performance musician. “These days, to make a career for it, it involves improvisation,” he said, adding that there’s no clear path to success in the world of music. Whitacre announced his interest in returning to Shenandoah: “What I’d love to do is come back and give a whole concert.”