Look Who I Ran Into: Part 8

By Demitri Matenopoulos

Welcome all, my name is Demitri Matenopoulos, a senior Media and Communication major here at Shenandoah University. I hope you’ll join me as I walk around campus this semester getting to know some familiar and not-so-familiar faces and sharing what I learn about my new friends in a weekly column in The Buzz I like to call Look Who I Ran Into. I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I have!

Look Who I Ran Into in the UI today. Meet my friend Morgan Yearwood. She is a junior Exercise Science major from Prince George’s County, Maryland. She loves how her class sizes are small enough that she can really build a one-on-one connection with her professors. 

She likes to spend her free time reading, singing, playing the guitar, and watching movies and TV shows. Her favorite store to shop at is ETSY’s online store because she says they have unique things you can’t find in most stores. She says her most important sense is sight because she is a visual learner and she would be lost without it.

One thing she can’t live without is books because she loves the feeling she gets from a good story. She loves all types of music but really likes music from the 90s specifically. 

Her guilty pleasure is red velvet cake because she can eat it any time of the day or night. Her favorite thing about Shenandoah is her work-study at the Info Desk in the Brandt Student Center because she gets to see so many people and interact with new people every day.

Get out there and meet someone new every day! You never know what you’ll find out about people you think you know.

What do you think?

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