Look Who I Ran Into: Part 6

By Demitri Matenopoulos

Welcome all, my name is Demitri Matenopoulos, a senior Media and Communication major here at Shenandoah University. I hope you’ll join me as I walk around campus this semester getting to know some familiar and not-so-familiar faces and sharing what I learn about my new friends in a weekly column in The Buzz I like to call Look Who I Ran Into. I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I have!

Look who I ran into in the Conservatory today.

Meet Ashley Jeffers. She is a senior Music Therapy major from Fauquier County, Virginia. Some values she shares with her family are patience, gratitude, and loyalty. She likes to spend her free time going to social functions, shopping, hiking, and walking. Her favorite type of music at the moment is Indie-Rock. 

She is inspired by her dreams of opening up her own music therapy practice one day where she can help people in an array of areas and give care to those who can’t afford it. One of her favorite family traditions is going on a family vacation every summer because she loves the undivided attention and quality time she gets with the people she cares about most.

Her favorite actress is Zoe Deschanel because she is the main character in her favorite show New Girl. If she could pick any celebrity to spend a day with, she would choose Khloe or Kim Kardashian because she thinks it would be cool to see what a day in their life is like without being in front of cameras. Her dream city is New York City because she loves the chaotic city lifestyle and how much there is to do. She loves Shenandoah University because her classes are small enough that she can ask questions and have conversations with her professors on a regular basis.

Get out there and meet someone new every day. You never know what you’ll find out about people you think you know! 

What do you think?

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