Don’t miss the new black

Nicholas Mellilo, ‘Doah Staff Writer
February 4, 2015

Predominantly female roles are less than abundant in modern television; however, “Orange is the New Black” strives to break that trend while still managing to keep the attention of male and female viewers alike. This Netflix Original has been praised for its excellent plot and easy-to-love characters. Since the show’s 2013 debut, it has given Netflix a real foot in the door with original television series production. 2014 showed even more promise for “Orange is the New Black” as the second season was released with just as much power as the first. I have nothing other than high hopes for the upcoming third season which is set to land around June of 2015.

“Orange is the New Black” is based on a memoir by Piper Kerman, a woman who spent a year in prison for a drug related crime she had committed about ten years prior to her conviction. Without spoiling much of the show, I can tell you that “Orange is the New Black” is a dramatic retelling of Kerman’s experience with federal prison, which, for obvious reasons, is spiced up by including complex supporting roles.

The true beauty of “Orange is the New Black” reveals itself in the detail-oriented character development. Each character has a unique back-story that tends to appeal to a different audience, which can give just about anyone a favorite character based on their personal ideals. I often found myself going from hating certain characters to loving them simply because of how exactly the ended up where they are in the story. The characters sell the show by providing a diverse selection of what the “perfect” character is to each and every viewer. The pure variety of characterization spans from peaceful protesters to hardened gangsters, dealers and drug addicts who’ve all landed in the same cage. Some band together while others form bloodlust-fueled vendettas against each other. No matter what your cup of tea may be, you’ll certainly find a favorite in the bunch.

Having now mentioned all of the positives, “Orange is the New Black” does come with some downsides to rival everything that is truly spectacular about the show. Namely, the intense wait for each season to arrive; this is by far the most painful aspect of the series. I wish I had more of a critical view of “Orange is the New Black,” but with complete honesty, I have no negative statements towards the show in any regards. The character development is fantastic, the progression of the story is well-paced and the story itself is one that has me begging for continuation as I finish each season. With only two seasons available as I write this, I find myself frustrated that I don’t yet have a third season to watch, but the wait is nearing an end. The third addition to “Orange is the New Black” is set to premiere around June this year. Surely, it will be an excellent way to start the summer months; I suggest you all get started on the first two seasons before the release of the third. Until next time, fellow Netflix addicts.

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