Day Tripping through South Korea

By: Kelley Wyatt

On our day off on February 13th, we got to explore a little bit of South Korea, including a trip to the DMZ (the Demilitarization Zone), a brief stop to view the Sea of Japan, and also went to the Naksansa Temple. The following photos show just a small portion of our day.

After leaving the DMZ, we got to see the Sea of Japan, also called the East Sea, for a few minutes before traveling to our next destination. Below is a photo of it, the water is extremely blue here which makes the picture look even better.

After the Sea of Japan, we traveled about an hour to the Naksansa Temple, which is only about 20 minutes from the place we are staying for this trip. It was absolutely beautiful there.
It was a really long, but event-filled day where I got to see things I would’ve never imagined seeing in my lifetime. It’s a real eye-opening experience being here and cannot wait to see what the last 11 days have in store for us!

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