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The Mosaic Center For Diversity: A Place for Everyone on Campus

BY: Noah Stitt

With its grand opening last year, The Mosaic Center For Diversity enters its first full semester as a place where all SU individuals can go and take a load off. The Mosaic Center offers safe and fair treatment to everyone.

Its mission is to focus and value the diversity reflected in all our lives at Shenandoah University and in our world beyond the campus. Maggie McCampbell Lien, Director of Inclusion and Diversity, discussed how The Mosaic Center “Provides a space for students to come and be who they are”. McCampbell also said that “Shenandoah says it values diversity and to actually see it is important”.

The center has a very friendly staff – really laid back, funny and just enjoyable to be around. Staff member Chai Beckett said she is “Happy to see everyone be themselves and be comfortable”. Faith Wright who is also a staff member said “It’s cool to finally have our own space, a place that’s ours….and to see the same reactions second semester as we got the first day we opened… We have such a welcoming atmosphere”.

The Mosaic center offers a lot to students. You can find a ‘Woke Wall” where you can learn more about current events”. There is a “Sexy Station” where there are local sexual health resources. There is a hot chocolate and tea station or you can go in there and chill out and do homework.

It truly doesn’t matter who you are, what you look like, how you talk, dress, your race, religion or anything like that. The Mosaic Center is open to everyone. At the end of the day, we’re all just people. It’s important to realize how many different people, perspectives and cultures are on our campus and that we actually have a place that celebrates that. The Mosaic Center For Diversity is located in the Brant Student Center room 120.

You should visit.

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