Shenandoah welcomes foreign exchange students

Sarah Beck, Staff Writer

Every year, Shenandoah University invites students from around the world to visit and become involved in classes for about two weeks at a time.

This semester, the international students were welcomed in with snow days – a shock to those coming from colder countries. Despite this, Stina Arrhenius, a musical theatre student visiting from Sweden, has enjoyed her time in America.

“I think my favorite thing so far is the people we’ve met. You guys are all so welcoming and kind to us, and just being in your classes everyday is really great,” she said. “I also like the fact that so much stuff is going on at school all the time, there’s always a show rehearsing, or social events.”

Having foreign exchange students has furthered the Conservatory belief that art is a universal way of communicating as human beings. According to Arrhenius, America and Sweden are, “pretty similar [in] the way we teach art and think of art.” She hopes that while she is at SU she can, “learn as much as possible, both in musical theatre [and] about your country and your society.”

Students from Shenandoah University are also headed for Sweden. Stevie Bovo and Emily Rafala, both junior musical theatre majors, are heading back with Arrhenius after her visit at Shenandoah.

It will be, “super interesting finding out similarities and differences, especially when it comes to working in theatre and auditioning over here compared to in Sweden!” Arrhenius exclaimed, excited to be taking Bovo and Rafala on an unforgettable journey abroad.


If you are interested in study abroad programs, contact Jean C. Hayes via her email, or, or stop by the Center for International Programs in Cooley Hall.


(Image courtesy of US News and World Report Colleges)

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