Campus News

Construction redecorates campus

Nichole Davila-Sanchez, Staff Writer

On Jan. 18, it was announced that entry portals were going to be built on Shenandoah University’s main campus beside Millwood Avenue and across from Edwards Residential Village. Along with the two entry portals being constructed, there will be a campus perimeter built, that, when completed, will extend from behind Vickers Hall to behind Halpin-Harrison Hall. Work on both projects has already begun construction.

According to President Tracy Fitzsimmons, the entry portals and the campus perimeter will not only mark the perimeter of the campus but also “provide an opportunity for those who pass through to reflect upon or notice that they are entering into a special space of transformative learning and creativity.” The project has been in the works for the past five years.

We are welcoming these new features to campus thanks to a generous donation from the son of a former trustee, Richie Wilkins. Wilkins’s grandfather was also partially responsible for Shenandoah University taking residence in Winchester in 1960.

Along with the new construction, there will be further beautification of the main SU campus through natural means. Approximately 20 trees are being planted along University Drive and along the corner where it meets with Millwood Avenue. The young cherry blossom trees will complement a new water structure in development adjacent to Ohrstrom-Bryant Theatre.

With the spring slowly shifting to summer, Shenandoah University is becoming a reflection of the people who have passed though in the 56 years since its establishment.

“Remember the opening words to our alma mater,” said President Fitzsimmons. “You are the portals,” ‘noble, inspiring, champion of our youth.’


Feature photo courtesy of Rick Ours.

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