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What is GCP?

The Global Citizenship Project (GCP) is a funded program for students and staff to go expierence another country and its culture during spring break. Each year the locations change every year and have included countries like China, Iceland, and Rwanda. This year, students and staff are visiting Cuba, Greece, Mozambique, New Zealand, and Thailand.


The GCP program was funded by Nancy Larrick Crosby when she passed away in 2004. Bethany Galipeau-Konate the Director of GCP said, “She [Crosby] wanted the money to be used to support learning across the institution.” When the money was received by the University, they came up with the GCP program. They would do this program during spring break so they can have time to do this and there is no academic requirement, so everyone has the chance to go.


The reason behind the making of the program Bethany Galipeau-Konate said, “A lot of people don’t have opportunity to have an international experience for many reasons. Maybe they don’t have the money, maybe they’re scared to try it out or maybe they’re academic curriculum is too tight.”


To be considered for GCP, all that students, faculty, and staff need to do is to submit an essay explaining why they deserve this opportunity to go. A panel reads all the essays blind and makes their decisions. The people that would have a higher chance of getting accepted would be the ones that haven’t really traveled a lot. Now if the essay wasn’t accepted by all means don’t give up. Galipeau-Konate said, “we recommend people to try again”


The GCP program is a great opportunity for all to experience wildly different locations and cultures around the world. This experience should not be wasted and should be taken advantage of by everyone at SU.


For more information on this program visit the SU education abroad website to learn more.








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