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The Loaf has Shenandoah ROLLING

By: Annie Hart


The Loaf, Shenandoah’s resident award winning improv comedy troupe had its first show this past Sunday in Glaize Theater!


Incorporating the audience was a large part of this group’s performance style.


With a game called “Pillars”, two members of the audience were chosen to participate by giving names of items for the actors to use. In other games, the audience was encouraged to shout out places, people, and relationships.


Audience members, including myself, enthusiastically screamed out whenever prompted.


” Give an example of the worst first date spot”

” WALMART!” “Chuck-E-Cheese!” “Pizza Hut!”


I often found myself forgetting I was there to write a review and lost myself in the hilarity of The Loaf.


The show was energetic, confusing, and ultimately one of the best student curated performances I’ve seen. The entire theater seemed to be in consensus, everyone was laughing the whole time.


One thing I learned about this quirky group is that they all have “bread names”. Yes, you read that right. With a new batch of leadership and members comes the announcement of their names, titles, and bread type.





The show was concluded with skits, a song about the word “No”, an explanation of sewing your wild oats in a swimsuit, and A Biskut.




All in all, it made my head hurt but in a good way.


They are hosting auditions for new slices to add to their Loaf. Keep an eye out on their Facebook page !



All photo and video credit goes to The Loaf on Facebook and Instagram


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