SGA impeaches Huckle

Hilary Legge, ’Doah Managing Editor
February 25, 2013

On Thursday, Feb. 21, the SGA House of Delegates formally voted to impeach President Nigel Huckle. After roughly an hour and a half of debate, and multiple failed motions, the third attempt to impeach Huckle passed with 3/4 of the vote. Several other motions were made to either keep Huckle in office or sanction him, but all of those failed to receive 3/4 of the vote, as well.

The debate over whether or not to oust Huckle arose after Alpha Psi Omega (APO), of which he is the treasurer, came under investigation for hazing. As of Thursday evening, the school had completed its investigation of APO and had laid out sanctions. However, many delegates in SGA felt that more needed to done with regards to Huckle due to him holding such a high position.

Junior Jon Bannan, the delegate for the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC), voted in favor of impeaching Huckle and was outspoken towards the decision throughout the meeting. “This shows that the SGA can be effective. We do speak for the students. This is what many of the students wanted.”

Regarding the outcome, Huckle had this to say: “It’s unfortunate that the SGA House of Delegates handled this extremely gray issue with such black-and-white decision-making. However, I feel confident that the two years of work that I’ve put into rebuilding this organization have taken fruition and proven my worth and commitment to serving this university and its students. I don’t need fifteen students to ‘make an example of me’ to distract me from that fact, and I’m lucky to have a strong support system looking forward.

“I’m also very confident that the SGA is in excellent hands to finish the semester. I chose highly versatile and committed cabinet members, and Kyle and Spencer are incredibly strong leaders. I look forward to seeing them continue the hard work we started together.”

Due to the decision made by the House of Delegates, Vice President for Undergraduate Affairs Spencer King will be taking on the role of president for the remainder of the term. “When King was sworn in as VPUA, part of his duties were to fulfill the duties of the President should the President be unable to do so himself for any reason. Therefore, since King already was sworn in under these terms, there is no separate swearing in or any sort of ceremony,” said SGA Press Secretary Aysha Malik.

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