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‘Meet The Staff’ With Rachel Levy

By Nick Melillo

Both facts and opinions alike are offered in every issue of The ‘Doah, but who exactly is behind these articles? We’re going to take a look at the individual staff members that make The ‘Doah work week by week. The focus point of this article will be on Rachel Levy, one of our writers. In a recent interview with Rachel, she gave a short rundown of her life in and out of Shenandoah University (SU).

Rachel comes all the way from Mahopac, New York, in order to study mass communication and entrepreneurship at SU. She says the difference in scenery is nice, but it was also difficult to adapt to the life in Winchester; I’m sure many of us can relate to that sentiment. That being said, Rachel has already completed her freshman year at SU, so she’s adapted well to her temporary home out of the city life.

In general, Rachel has enjoyed her stay at SU; that is, except for one major detail: parking. Everyone on campus can attest to the problems we have with parking, so it’s no surprise that Rachel had similar feelings. On a positive note, she’s been happy to be out of the cramped rooms of Racey Hall and into the more luxurious suites in University Inn (UI). Rachel noted one particular detail that had really set the UI on a higher tier that her freshman dorm: personal bathrooms. Any student at SU that stayed a year in the freshman halls can sympathize with Rachel’s statement; in the case of bathrooms, sharing is not caring.

Off campus, Rachel likes surfing and wake-boarding when she gets the chance. Unfortunately, there isn’t exactly any water source on campus that would provide any decent waves, but Rachel hopes to get to the beach as soon as she can.

Rather passionately, Rachel explained her love of hockey and her loyalty to the Rangers in particular. The article that she was most interested in writing also related back to hockey, which really speaks for her enthusiasm for the sport. When asked about her favorite aspect of hockey Rachel stated, “It’s so fast-paced and I like to watch the fights.” Rachel’s love of hockey even extends to her ideal future job; she made it clear that working with public relations for a hockey team would be paradise.

On a more personal note, Rachel was asked about her guilty pleasure, to which she replied Gossip Girl. Rachel confessed to watching the full series “at least four times.” Apparently, it’s just what she does when she needs me-time or simply an excuse to relax. When it comes to being social, however, Rachel gave her number one rule-of-thumb to be her friend; it is impossible to hang out with her unless you have food. Rachel even went as far as saying, “If there isn’t food in someone’s room when I get there, I’ll just leave to go get food and then come back.”

Aside from that one edible prerequisite, Rachel is a very easy-going person, hockey fanatic and proud member of The ‘Doah.

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