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The Great SU Parking Hack

By: Reed Davis

*The Buzz exists to represent the views of the Shenandoah student body. Parking availability and costs in and around the Winchester campus are important issues, so we felt this story was worth sharing with our audience.
The staff and advisors of The Buzz would like to remind all of our readers that they should follow all campus and City of Winchester parking regulations when coming to SU.*


When someone goes to college, expenses begin to pile up quickly. From tuition, to rent/dorm fees, technology fees, and meal plans, there is a large array of different charges. And if you own a vehicle, on top of that there is a $135 charge for a parking pass. But, there is an easy way around having to pay.


Use the great SU Parking Hack!


This parking hack mostly applies to commuters, as it would be difficult to execute for on-campus residents. As most students are aware of, the beautiful Jim Barnett park borders campus. This includes the lake and basketball courts right next to our campus, which includes its own parking for park guests. This lot is very close to Ruebush, Halpin-Harrison Hall, and the Brandt Student Center. This parking zone is not part of SU parking and is not under the jurisdiction of DPS, despite its close proximity to the academic building.


Understandably, there are some concerns with the reliability of this “parking hack”. One could wonder if it is possible to get a ticket from the Winchester Police or get towed. A handful of students have reported that they have been doing this for class for over a year and had no issues. Issues may arise if you leave your car there for multiple days though, which is why this parking hack is better suited for off-campus students.


Lastly, while parking in Jim Barnett by the lake does sometimes require a slightly longer walk to class, it is usually much easier to find a spot there during busier hours than in general SU parking.

So why pay $135 to save a maximum of 2 minutes of your time? Use the SU parking pass and save yourself some precious funds.









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