Pay It Forward: Volunteering options

Susan Frank, ’Doah Staff Writer
March 6, 2013

SusanFrankHello all! Partnership with Community Day is coming up on April 4, and this time around I have more information for you about the specific projects happening that you can become a part of.

The Occupational Therapy students are on board with the day with three separate projects planned, all led by Melanie Trask. They will be going to the Ride-on-Ranch, Highway Clean Up and the organization FREE. Our partnership teams will visit many school districts in the area as well. Frederick County Public Schools will be visited by teams led by Rosemary Martin and Andrea Smith, who will conduct an ESL program for students of all ages.

The S.U. track team will also visit Frederick County with a project led by Cheryl Beaudoin-Stehlin and Dorothy Earner. John Kerr Elementary School will be visited by a team led by Michael Magro and Michelle Myers, who have organized a group of 50 S.U. students to have a science day with the elementary students.

Similarly, Orchard View Elementary School will be visited by a team of 10 Shenandoah students led by Terri Masiello and Karrin Lukacs to teach a literature extension project. Daniel Morgan Middle School will be visited by a group, led by Mary Bowser, to assist them with their spelling bee. Lastly, Handley High School will be visited by a group led by Mike Madden, Martha Chrisman and Cindy Shendell to give a presentation on texting and driving, and preventing obesity.

On the opposite end, many assisted living homes will have various projects scheduled throughout the day. The S.U. softball team, organized by Jessica Cianci, Angie Brown and Brittany Butcher, will visit Hilltop House Assisted Living. The Evans Home for Children will be hosting both the football and golf teams. And, physical therapy students will be visiting the Adult Care Center led by Thomas Turner and Jane Bauknecht.

The array of Conservatory talents will be put to use in several exciting ways. Greenwood Mill Elementary School will be entertained by violin students led by professor Akemi Takayama. The music fraternities of Sigma Alpha Iota and Phi Mu Alpha are participating as well. SAI plans to visit the Salvation Army for the third year in a row to clean and sing while they work. PMA will be visiting the Boys and Girls Club led by Heather Forman and Ryan Ainsworth. The dance department will also be presenting a project at the Boys and Girls Club.

Other places that will be visited include the Shenandoah Valley Discovery Museum, Walmart food drive, Winchester Little Theater, Habitat for Humanity, Westminster-Canterbury, American Red Cross and Godfrey Miller Home and Fellowship Center.
I encourage you to sign up for one of the variety of other projects still seeking participants! Get involved! This is a wonderful day made for Shenandoah to look around and give back.

Again, if you have any questions, want contact info or wish to share a personal story do not hesitate to email Lander Manuel at lmanuel@su.edu or myself at sfrank082@su.edu. I look forward to seeing everyone in motion during Partnership in the Community Day!

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